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Laser Tag

Blast Your Friends in our 3000 square foot arena with 12 game modes.

Laser Tag Game Modes

12 game modes means you'll never get bored of the same old game. Play capture the flag, assault, elimination, or fight the evil vampire in Vampirism.

Battle Solo / Team
Throw yourself into a free for all or gather your squad in a team battle, highest score wins so make sure you protect your base

Elimination Solo / Team
Use your lives sparingly, once you're out, you're out. Last person or team standing wins.

Midnight Madness
Who turned out the lights? Make sure you don't blast your teammates.

Capture the Flag
Blast your opponents base to carry the flag back to yours to gain points.

Protect your leader, they are worth more points and score more points.

Reverse capture the flag. Take the bomb from your base to the opponents base.

Base Flags
Blasting people is fun but it won't get you points in this mode, bases only!

Start with a limited amount of lives and steal them from your opponents.

Time Warrior
The clock is ticking and once your time is out so are you. Steal time from your enemies.

Rift Insanity
Your team will change... so will your friend's and foe's.

Commonly called Infection, the vampire starts alone and must turn the other players into spawn.




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